Flavoured Balsam Vinegars

Produced in the famous wine-making region of the Mösel in Germany, an area well known for its grapes,  wine cultivation and production since the Roman times; the steep, verdant valleys and rich waterways create a unique micro-climate perfect for establishing vineyards.
Our extensive range of fruit flavoured Balsam vinegars are expertly crafted by a small company who have also been cultivating and producing excellent wines here for more than 15 generations.
This small family artisan producer blends premium white wine vinegar with natural fruit juices, fruit pulps and other natural aromas and flavourings. The resulting products are fruit flavoured vinegar preparations with excellent flavour, truly expressive aromas and an impressive mouthfeel that are both inspirational and versatile in the kitchen.

Flavoured Balsamic Dressings

Whilst all our fruit flavoured vinegars are low in acidity, our Balsam range are slightly higher with a more expressive acidity. Our Balsamic dressings have a more creamy like consistency and mouthfeel. The have a lower overall acidity and utilise a more luxurious assortment of ingredients in their production such as naturally sweet date syrup and authentic barrel-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena as well as natural fruit juices and flavours.

Overall, our extensive range of fruit vinegars and their soft, fruity acidity, makes them ideal for both food preparation and beverage use. They are particularly enjoyable when partnered with our extensive range of infused olive oils, for the preparation of dressings & marinades or enjoyed purely as they are.

Our Fruit Pulp vinegars offer an altogether different and fresh approach to the production of fruit vinegars, but made according to the same traditional methods of care and attention and selected choice ingredients.
Quality, distilled spirit vinegar is used as a basis for these vinegar preparations, to which is added a high percentage of real fruit pulp. The results are very authentic, fresh tasting, and intense in flavour. They are extremely versatile, and can all be used in desserts, savoury dishes, salads, cocktails and soft drinks.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The Deli-cious offered  Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, is from a highly respected, small family artisanal producer who has been perfecting their art of fine Balsamic vinegar production for more than a century.
Made traditionally from estate grown Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, the pressed grape juice or ‘must’ is cooked down slowly in copper kettles over an open fire, and then decanted into wooden barrels along with an added proportion of aged grape must and ‘mother’ wine vinegar. It is then allowed to rest, evaporate and mature over time in barrels of various wood types such as oak, mulberry, chestnut, cherry and juniper, each of which infuse their own unique aromas and flavour notes.