The Deli-cious OnTap
Retail Concept

A visually stunning OnTap retail display system offering naturally flavoured extra virgin olive oils, fruit vinegars and balsamic vinegars in colourful glass amphoras and stainless steel dispensers. The presentation provides an impressive WOW factor, creating a real talking point in any store. We guarantee your customers will love it!

Modular in design, and totally customisable to suit any business size or budget, it can be an attractive addition to all delicatessens, farm shops, food halls, zero-waste shops, quality butchers or farmer’s market stalls.

Customers are treated to a mouth-watering choice of flavoured oils and vinegars, and can enjoy the unique interactive shopping experience where they can try everything before they buy and even choose their own bottle to take it home in! They can then return to the shop later for a refill giving the OnTap retailer an excellent way to compete on the high street and build strong customer loyalty as well as provide a complementary cross-selling boost to their other delicatessen sales.

Deli-cious Oils & Vinegars believes in putting flavour first. We only use 100% natural flavourings and ingredients in our products and all are Vegan or Vegetarian-friendly. This means using real fruit juices and fruit pulps for our vinegars, and only pure, natural essential oils for the flavouring of our infused olive oils. Fine quality white wine vinegar or premium distilled spirit vinegar is used as a base for our vinegar range, and a high quality, single variety Spanish Arbequiña extra virgin olive oil is used in the production of our infused olive oils.

How Does
OnTap Work?


Customers can sample all our Oils & Vinegars. Everything is available to taste, so your customers can try before they buy.


Customers can choose their favourite Oil or Vinegar, and then select a refillable bottle from the range.


You then fill their selected bottle with the Oil or Vinegar of their choice, or they can take one away that you have pre-filled for them.


Attach a tag to the bottle to indicate which Oil or Vinegar they have chosen, and seal their bottle with a cork or cap.


Customers can refill their bottles when they are empty with the same product, or try a new one.If they forget their bottle, they can select a new one.

Why Choose
Deli-cious OnTap?


With over a decade of experience and knowledge as a specialist OnTap supplier and retailer of Oils & Vinegars, you can benefit from our real expertise in how to succeed with OnTap selling.


We offer the largest range of high quality Oils & Vinegars in the UK, and a wide choice of glass Bottles and Amphorae for all your OnTap needs.


Our products offer excellent achievable profit margins, with plenty of regular return sales.


Our OnTap system can be adapted to suit almost any size retail space or budget. Start small and grow, or start big to create a full display with maximum impact.


OnTap merchandising and marketing support are provided, and full sales training and advice is always available from both Deli-cious and our wholesaler partner, Anthony Rowcliffe.

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