Flavoured Olive Oils

100% Arbequiña Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from the Pons family olive estate, situated in the heart of Catalonia, to create our extensive range of Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The Arbequiña olive produces a sweet and smooth, mild yet buttery taste, with a pleasant fruity aroma. This oil is an ideal base within which to infuse all the wonderful flavours.

Our small artisan producer uses only high quality, natural essential oils extracted from the herbs, citrus fruits, spices and extracts and slowly blends them with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The results are extremely well-balanced, excellent finishing oils ideal for multiple uses with our wide range of vinegars in the preparation of marinades, dressings and dips. They offer superb but subtle flavours, with a delicate aroma and finish on the palate, designed to enhance a whole variety of cuisines.

The Pons family have been growing their 740 acres of Arbequiña olives in the province of Lleida for over 4 ancestral generations. Harvesting of the olives takes place in late Autumn. This is still done by hand, and the fruit is then transported to their mill located in the small town of L’Albagés.
After initially separating the leaves and twigs, the olives, with their pits, are crushed to a paste using a traditional granite stone mill. This paste is then cold-extracted at a temperature below 36°C. and the oil and water separated via a centrifugal method. This minimises exposure to the air, limits oxidisation, and ensures optimum levels of freshness and shelf life.