Flavoured Balsam Vinegars

blueberry balsam vinegar

The taste of freshly picked blueberries! Fruity and aromatic with a balanced sweet acidity.

Blueberry Flavoured Balsam Vinegar

mango fruit pulp vinegar

An extra fruity vinegar made with real sun-ripened Mango fruit pulp. Juicy, fragrant and delicious!

Mango Fruit Pulp Vinegar

orange, lemon & ginger balsam vinegar

White wine vinegar and sherry vinegar with orange, lemon and ginger flavouring.

Orange, Lemon & Ginger Flavoured Balsam Vinegar

passionfruit balsam vinegar

Fragrant white wine vinegar infused with sweet fruit notes & aromas of Passionfruit.

Passionfruit Flavoured Balsam Vinegar

pomegranate balsam vinegar

A zingy combination of fine white wine vinegar and natural Pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate Flavoured Balsam Vinegar

red bell pepper fruit pulp vinegar

The fresh vinegar is a tangy combination of ripe, sweet, red bell peppers and a hint of chilli.

Red Bell Pepper Fruit Pulp Vinegar

strawberry pulp balsam vinegar

An extra fruity balsam vinegar that’s especially suited to dessert use and drinks.

Strawberry Flavoured Balsam Vinegar

sun-dried tomato balsam vinegar

Sun-ripened tomato juice blended with Balsamic vinegar and aromatic white wine vinegar.

Sun-dried Tomato Flavoured Balsam Vinegar