WB02 Whole Nut Butter Mill
Brushed Steel Finish

The WB02 is the latest, thoroughly developed Nut Butter Mill from WEnutbutter. An incredibly powerful machine which grinds whole nuts and peanuts into nut butter in mere seconds. Completely developed and produced in the Netherlands, this nut butter mill consists of high-quality components and grinds a wide range of whole nuts and peanuts. It has the highest hygiene standard, so is safe to use for any type of business.

It is a durable, safe, easy-to-use machine that allows your customers to grind their own jar of freshly roasted peanut butter or alternative nut butter. The WEnutbutter nut butter mill adds real store value by offering a popular, healthy, and fun shopping experience that will ensure many repeat visits and purchases! Appealing to all ages it creates an element of theatre in the shop that can be enjoyed by kids and grown-up kids alike. What goes in, comes out without the need for additives, oils or preservatives: Just fill the hopper with freshly roasted peanuts or other nuts such as almonds or cashews and the customer can grind as much nut butter as they want at the push of a button. Easy to use, easy to clean and built to offer a lifetime of reliable service.

In a nutshell – Just plug, play and start selling straight away!

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WEnutbutter Whole Nut Butter Mill - Brushed Steel Finish - 100% Made in The Netherlands

WEnutbutter Whole Nut Butter Mill
Brushed Steel Finish

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