BC-CIL-KIT HONEY-230 -Honey Kit Sansone Europa Honey Drum

Honey Mixer for
Stainless Steel Honey Drums

Rotating handle mixer made from 18/10 Food Grade Steel. The ideal solution to avoid crystallisation of the honey and ensure smooth flow at all times from the honey tap. This accessory replaces the standard lid of your drum and is available in 4 different sizes.

Product Details
 Suitable for Drum Sizes  5L to 50L

(includes drum screw lid and rotary mixer)


(includes drum screw lid and rotary mixer)

ORDER CODE (for 15L  & 20L) BC-CIL-KIT HONEY-130-1520

(includes drum screw lid and rotary mixer)

ORDER CODE (for 25L, 30L and 50L) BC-CIL-KIT HONEY-230

(includes drum screw lid and rotary mixer)

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0203 397 9867

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